The Fuss of Christmas (Christmas Eve)

December 25, 2023
The Fuss of Christmas (Christmas Eve)

Message:  The Fuss of Christmas

Why did you come here tonight?

What’s behind all the Christmas celebrations?

What is the fuss of Christmas?

Take a moment with me to think about that - how would you explain this whole Christmas thing to a complete foreigner that has no Western background?

Here’s my attempt:

Mankind is the crown of God’s creation - relational beings made to love - in God’s image

We all have a deeply imbedded need for love, don’t we?

God is love - we are able to love because of God’s image in us

We don’t always succeed in loving, do we?

God sent some of Himself, his Son to this world - He became human like us

God was not far away anymore, He was now here

The fascination of the Magi with the mysteries in the stars led them to an understanding of God, but it was distant far away… their excitement with the Bethlehem Star showed that they understood something of the significance of what happened on Christmas Day

God was not far away anymore, God was now here

He was human, and we learned about love of God

We are fascinated by Who He is - the names we call him: Amazing Counselor, Strong God, Eternal Father, Prince of Wholeness

He is the Ruler of God’s Creation - all of it!

He is our Saviour from ourselves, because we simply are not able to live up to Who the God of love is

That is why we lift our hearts up in Christmas time - all is not lost!

God set us free from our limited existence - that is why we celebrate with great joy!

This is the fuss of Christmas!

God is not far away anymore, He is now here

For Jesus is called Immanuel - God with us!


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