The Power of Humility

July 9, 2023
The Power of Humility

Scripture Reading:  Act 2: 46 (NIV)

“Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts,”

Message: The Power of Humility (#4 in “Power of the Holy Spirit” series)

Paradox of Humility

Humility is often seen as being weak

Perhaps it has something to do with our body language… we have this idea of a humble body language this is similar to a little doggie rolling over

What does a humble body language look like?

Even google’s dictionary does not paint a good picture of humility in its definition:  “a modest or low view of one's own importance;

With this definition of humility it is easy to see why humility is not popular in our culture…

I found a better definition for humility online from the Merriam-Webster dictionary:  “freedom from pride or arrogance

Gloveworx says humility is:  “the feeling or attitude that you have no special importance that makes you better than others or a lack of pride

Humility has a lot to do with the way we interact with others - it is a relational thing

The way we compare ourselves with others… a relationship with others and ourselves (It makes me think of the commandment Jesus gave us when he said “love others as you love yourself”) 

Does humility have to do with the way we love?  I think it does!

To be humble is certainly not being weak

To see humility in the context of relationships and love for each other, certainly confirms that it is not weakness

Collective Humility

Looking at the first congregation, we see that this paradox is true - humility is power!  It is a power of the Holy Spirit 

Receiving the power of the Holy Spirit, they certainly weren’t arrogant or thinking that they were better than others

There was a collective humility in that group of people being together without arrogance

They were together with sincere hearts and being glad - no one had a chip on their shoulder 

They were sisters and brothers in Christ - a family, a collective

Collective humility is powerful 

You can call humility a personal trait of power, but the power of humility was amplified in the way it functioned in a group setting

That is what made the church attractive 

That is what people from the outside noticed looking at this group of believers

Humility brings a new perspective

Humility has the power to help us see our surroundings in a different way

It helps us to look away from from selfish needs and see our role in something bigger 

It helps us to understand that we are all servants in God’s kingdom

Servants serving alongside each other on equal terms

The absence of arrogance creates healthy interactions - a sense of working in the same direction as opposed to everyone working with their own agenda

Humility can also be healing when we go through a tough time, helping us to find a new purpose beyond our circumstances

Church of Humility

Humility was a core value of the early church 

They lived with an attitude of “it’s not about me” and “I am part of a bigger picture/ collective”

Church was able to grow rapidly because of the power of humility

There was no place of arrogance or self-centredness among them

That enabled them to work together in the same direction 

That enabled them to work together as equals, not comparing but focussing on the task at hand

The Power of humility made them an effective church - they got things done (Steven Covey “The speed of trust”)

Imitating Jesus

Our call to worship this morning was a reading from Philippians 2

It started with the words:  In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus

Paul calls on us to imitate Jesus in the way we interact

He then goes on to describe how we are called to imitate the humility of Jesus

How Jesus was God himself, but did not cling his Godly status

How Jesus humbled himself to become human and endure human suffering

How Jesus humbled to be faithful and obedient to the end - to the his death on the cross

He even describes how that obedience is exalting the Father

Power of humility today

Let us come together in humility - an act of surrendering 

Let us receive the power of the Holy Spirit when we humble ourselves

Let us be a church of humility - where the is no place of arrogance or comparison 

A church that understands that we are all serving in God’s kingdom, alongside each other

Let us break bread together with a sense of belonging 

Let us be together with glad and sincere hearts

Let us see the power of humility at work among us!


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